Responsible Gaming

At GARBO Casino we believe, that our responsibility stretches far beyond the task of delivering first class entertainment. The fact that we work with several organisations, and take responsibility to educate our customers, in order to prevent addictive playing behaviour, goes without saying.

To ensure that the environment at our casino solely consists of fun and entertainment, we work with something we call Green Gaming. In accordance with the Mr Green gaming policy, we let you use your personally set limits for deposits, loss and betting.

You are able to set a limit for a certain period of time, or one limit a day, per week or month. Furthermore, you can easily adjust and control how much money you feel you want to spend, wager and loose. When you want to lower your limits, it goes into action immediately, but if you want to make them higher, there is a delay of seven days, in order to avoid hasty decisions.

All you have to do is log in to your account and click on Green Gaming, to adjust your limits to you own liking.

The different personal limits of GARBO

Deposit limits

By being in charge of setting your own deposit limits, you will be able to decide how much you will spend every day, week or month. Every deposit you make within a chosen period of time will be added up and when you reach your limit, you will not be able to deposit anymore. The bar will not be lifted until the next period begins, which is always on a Sunday.

Limits for losses

When you want to be able to control the amount of loss for a certain period, you set a limit on that too. Our systems will notify you when your limit is reached. When you reach your limit, you will not be able to gamble anymore with your own money, until the next period starts.

Limits on wagering

This limit will help you keep a track on how much money you spend during different periods of time. You will be able to keep track on a daily basis, per week or month. When you reach your limit, a message will be sent, explaining that you will not be able to gamble anymore with your own money, until the next period starts. However, be aware that to gamble, or wager, as it is called in this case is not the same thing as loosing. Wagering is something you do when you gamble with your own money. If you reached your limits on wagering you are prevented from gambling with your own money or bonuses. You will only be able to play free spins.

Other tools for responsible gambling


Self-exclusion is a tool you can use when you feel you have lost control of your gambling. You can choose to be suspended from six months up to five years, and you will not be able to revoke it. When the time of exclusion has come to an end, it is up to you to make contact with us again.

If you contact us again, after this time has passed, you will be given a period of consideration of seven days, before your account is re-opened. You are given these days to prevent a hasty decision that you might regret. After this period of seven days, you will also be asked a series of questions, so that we can make sure that everything is all right.

It is also good to know that we shut down all types of payment methods when you choose to make a self-exclusion. It is to ensure that there will be no possibilities to open up a completely new account during the period of exclusion.

Take a break

If you feel that you want to pause your gambling during a certain period of time, you can choose from one day up to three months. After this time has come to an end, you will be able to open up your account again.

Reality check

If you feel that you need to have a bit more control, when it comes to the amount of time you spend on gambling, there is a tool called the Reality check. Here you can decide how often you want to receive a message from us, telling you how long you have been playing. You can choose to get a message from us every five minutes, to up to every other hour. You will, however, not be stopped from gambling.

Our customer service is happy to help you

Our team at customer service are trained in responsible gambling. All to create the safest gambling environment possible for you. Don't be surprised if we now and then ask you a few check-up questions. We do this to ensure that everything is all right and no one is feeling bad.

Age limit at GARBO casino

It is forbidden for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account with us. GARBO casino claims the right to ask all customers for ID. We will also in certain cases shut down an account until the age of a customer has been verified.

If you suspect that one of your children is using our website, or if you simply feel over- all concerned, there is a software product you can install to prevent this from happening, for example NetNanny, Content Watch or CyberPatrol.

Suspicion of gambling addiction

If you, by any chance, feel worried that someone close to you might have issues concerning their gambling, you should never hesitate to contact our customer service. We will do everything in our power to help. The following is also contact information to help organizations for people with gambling addiction problems, as well as their families.

Support line

The institute of gambling addiction