• Have you, just like us, been longing for that classic Chanel bag for years? But just like us, you thought it was a little beyond your pocket
  • Do you dream about spending a long weekend at a spa with your best friend? You know, the one that you have talked about for blummin’ ages but never seem to get around to organising.
  • Can you envisage an Omega watch that fits you just as well as Maria Montazami fits in long floating dresses?

We at GARBO may give you what you dream about!

We want to create some added value for you as a player at GARBO, not only when you visit our website but also in your everyday life! Therefore, we have chosen to focus on campaigns which contain things other than the usual free spins and bonuses. At the end of the day, we hope you would rather be tangibly holding a new season Marc Jacob than spinning intangible diamonds.

We will have a raffle containing something you, our life blood, our muse, our community, we want to make sure it is the stuff of your dreams! Drop us an email telling us what you have been dreaming about and we will put the idea into our raffle pot for future promotions. Remember to keep an eye on Facebook for our social media giveaways!

You are our unicorns! Unicorns are unique and magical just like we hope our competitions will be.

Keep those sparkling eyes peeled for new competitions each fortnight.

Bonus and free spins at GARBO

Of course, we will also have offers and competitions where you can receive bonuses and free spins - we are a casino after all! We just want to make sure there is something for everyone of our unique and individual sweethearts.