We are in the era of the smartphone, mobiles have come so far so quickly, no longer just a means for basic communication but a portal for all that we love and the gateway to adventure.

Creative game developers hold this key trend in todays society within their mind when working on new games, purposely optimising them for use on the go through your mobile. In Sweden in particular, this breakthrough of mobile optimisation has been hugely successful and at GARBO we wholeheartedly believe this is the way of the future and so almost all our games are optimised for mobile play as well as desktop.

There are a number of advantages to be able to play on your mobile, most notably, do we ever leave home without it? I honestly feel like I have left a part of myself at home if I ever forget my phone and I am sure I am not alone in this thinking! So, there we have it, absolute convenience, working towards optimisation for smaller screens means that there has been special attention placed on navigation, ensuring the most simple and user friendly interfaces are available. They are now on par, if not preferred to the original desktop versions and are predicted to have a very bright future.

If we have tempted you in with all our talk of fabulous convenience and user simplicity, to start enjoying these wondrous perks all you will need to do is register an account with your phone, pr else if you have an account, simply log in on your mobile! The GARBO site works even better on mobile than on desktop - join us in the future.

The Story behind the Mobile Casino

Having the option to play casino on your mobile is a relatively new phenomenon when you consider how long casino has actually been around. Online casino has actually been around since the early 1990’s but it was only in 2013 that developers made the leap to mobile and opened the door to the slot experience we enjoy today.

So why did it take so long to make the leap to mobile? There is one very good reason - connection. The internet stability was far to volatile to efficiently host the casino platform, it was not worthwhile for players or developers. No one wanted to be known as the frustrating, intermittent casino.

The world of development is still progressing and is now recently boasting live casino, a huge step forward as this really does require an incredibly stable connection. It was in 2015 Evolution Gaming broke down this barrier and began their mobile casino journey. Many other developers have no followed in their footsteps. Check out our NetEnt and Evolution live table games on our site.