What is Keno?

Keno is a very appreciated and popular game in Sweden. A lot of the online casinos offer the opportunity to play this lottery game. This game is easy to play online and GARBO uses the same rules as in the real Keno game.

So-called Keno lottery tickets usually have between 70-80 numbers. You begin the game by picking a certain amount of numbers on your ticket, usually between 2 and 10 numbers. How many numbers you can pick differs depending on which casino you're playing at. When you have picked your numbers, the casino will draw 20 random numbers. What you win depends on how many numbers you have and how many of them were drawn.

A split Keno lottery ticket: This lottery ticket is basically an ordinary lottery ticket, with the exception that you can play two or more rounds of Keno using the same ticket. To do so, pick a group of numbers and either put them in a circle or draw a line between them and another group of lottery tickets that you have chosen.

Every single group of numbers will be a game of its own, but you can’t choose the same numbers in more than one group. With this in mind, it might not be an advantage to split a Keno lottery ticket, but it can eventually be if you want to play more than one round and choose different numbers in each round.

A Combined Keno lottery ticket: This lottery ticket works in the same way as the split lottery ticket, the only difference is that you can combine these groups to make more wagers.

Imagine that you have chosen three groups of numbers, one which contains three numbers, another contains four numbers and the last one contains five numbers. At this stage, you will have the opportunity to combine them the way you prefer. You can, for example, combine these three groups of numbers with four groups of numbers and create a new group containing seven numbers. Each group, both the first one and the combined ones will work as separate games of Keno.

How do you play Keno?

As we just described, there are several different variations of this game. They all have their own game rules, but the basic rules are the same in all of them.

The first thing you should do is to decide how many numbers you want to play. Each level has it's own predefined earnings plan. This makes it possible to see exactly how much you potentially can win.

The next step is to pick how much money you want to bet. The lowest possible amount is usually 5€ and the highest amount 100€. The more you bet on each game, the more money you will be able to win.

After these steps, all you have to do is register the game and hope for good luck. When you play Keno online, the draw will normally take place right away. That’s because each game is played individually. 20 balls are always drawn.

Payouts in Keno

There aren’t normally any levels in the games, you will win the same amount of money on all of the numbers. If you pick all the right numbers you will win the highest amount of money.

Just remember that the size of your winnings will depend on how much you’ve paid for your lottery ticket. If you buy a more expensive lottery ticket you will be able to win a bigger amount of money.

Facts about Keno

Keno is said to have originated in China where it was invented 3,000 years ago. If that is true, it means that it’s one of the oldest games there is. The idea to create a lottery-like game is said to have come from Cheung Leung, a famous leader of the Han dynasty.

It is said that Cheung Leung’s city was surrounded and that they were running out of goods and money. Instead of introducing taxes to the population, which could have cause a revolt, the leader decided to create a lottery instead. The game he launched was similar to the version of Keno that is played today.

The game that was created in China was based on a famous Chinese poem, used to teach the children how to remember the thousands of Chinese signs that they need to learn to be able to read and write the Chinese language. There are also stories stating that it was a Keno-like game that helped the Chinese people to raise the money needed to build The Great Wall of China.

Keno has not quite arrived at GARBO just yet but it is coming soon! Watch this space Keno cravers.