What's a bonus and how does it work?

Almost all online casinos offer so-called casino bonuses or welcome bonuses to new customers. Therefore, we want to describe, in a simple way what is actually meant by a bonus.


Different types of bonuses

Welcome bonus: This is, just as it sounds, a bonus you get when you open your player account, usually when you make your first deposit.

Reload bonus: This bonus is also called a deposit bonus and is issued in connection with a deposit, the percentage of a reload bonus may vary between 5% up to 100%.

Loyalty bonus: This is a bonus you can get if you contact customer service and request a bonus. This often happens when a player hasn't made a deposit for a while but yet feels that he or she deserve something extra. This is also often called Goodwill bonus. Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed a yes, but you are always welcome to contact us.  


GARBO's customer service!


What is a wagering requirement?

 Many bonuses contain a so-called wagering requirement. Simply explained, it works like this:


  •    You deposit 10€.
  •    The casino will give you a bonus of 100% on your deposit with 30 x wagering requirements.
  •    This means that you will get 10€ to play for. Why? Well, 100% of your 10€ is exactly 10€. The casino will now give you these 1€ extra.
  •    How much you have to play for now: Your deposit 10€ and the extra 10€ you received from the casino. A total of 20€.
  •    But to withdraw the money you may win when you play with the 20€ you have to play 30 times with this pot.
  •    Once you have played the pot 30 times, you can withdraw any winnings.

 IMPORTANT! Sometimes, it is only a wagering requirement on the extra 10€ bill you received from the casino and no wagering requirement on your own deposit. Read carefully what the offer contains before you endorse it!


How does wagering requirements for a bonus at GARBO work?

At GARBO, we have our own terms and conditions for the wagering requirements that you must meet before you can withdraw your earnings.

Example: The wagering requirement is 35 times and you have received 1 € in bonusmoney or won 1€ on your free spins. In this case, you count 35 times x 1 € = 35 €. This means that you must play/wager 35€ to meet the requirement. After you have met this wagering requirement, you can withdraw any eventual winnings.

The term wager means that when you play at any of GARBO's online slot machines, the maximum amount per spin is 8€. However, you cannot play at a live casino, such as Blackjack or Roulette to wager the free spins.

Last but not least, we want to add that even though the requirements may appear to be high, it often goes faster than you might have thought to meet the wagering requirement. Of course, you can choose not to receive any bonuses at all from GARBO.


Why are there wagering requirements?

A casino bonus is a gift to you customers and without any terms and conditions, these offers would not have been possible. Imagine that you deposit 100 € and receive 100% in a reload bonus on this deposit, giving you a total of 200€. Had you been able to withdraw the money directly, this would, of course, be nice for the individual customer, but for the online casino, this would result in a very fast bankruptcy.