What's a bonus and how does it work?

Almost all online casinos offer so-called casino bonuses or welcome bonuses to new customers. Therefore, we thought it would be super handy to have more of an explanation to our own bonuses, they can be a little confusing to grasp at first but once you are in the know you can really start making those bonuses work for you!

Different types of bonuses

Welcome bonus: This is, just as it sounds, a bonus you get when you open your player account, usually when you make your first deposit.

Reload bonus: This bonus is also called a deposit bonus and is issued in connection with a deposit, the percentage of a reload bonus may vary between 5% up to 100%.

Loyalty bonus: This is a bonus you can get if you contact customer service and request a bonus. This often happens when a player has had an unlucky streak and wants to know if there is anything we can offer. Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed a yes, but you are always welcome to contact us.

Psst! It is good to know that winnings from certain types of Free Spins will be credited as bonus money. You can read more about our Free Spins here.

What is a wagering requirement?

Many bonuses contain a so-called wagering requirement. Simply explained, it works like this:


  • You are feeling lucky and so deposit €10 into your GARBO account
  • GARBO has a fantabulous 100% deposit bonus running and so you receive another €10 as a bonus that requires wagering
  • A GARBO bonus is a second chance bonus, so it will only be available to play and wager if you were unlucky and lost your initial €10 deposit
  • If you have run out of your deposit and your bonus is activated, you will have a wagering requirement (WR) of 35x. So, €10 x 35WR = €350 left to wear before that bonus is turned into real cash you can withdraw.
  • This bonus can be played in Live Table Games such as Roulette and Blackjack but can only be wagered in Video Slots
  • Once you have wagered this 35x, any money left on your account will be converted into real cash money and if the amount is €30 or higher you can withdrawal!
  • You can track your wagering in your active casino bonuses section on your account - for more information have a read of our FAQ’s.

IMPORTANT! Some offers may require you to wager in certain games or have certain requirements, please make sure you always understand the offer before taking part. If unsure at any point, contact our lovely support staff who can help clarify any details.

What are the rules for a bonus at GARBO?

At GARBO, we have our own terms and conditions for the wagering requirements that you must meet before you can withdraw your earnings.

Our wagering requirement as mentioned is 35x with a maximum wager for bonus funds being €8.

The wagering requirement has been explained in the paragraph above, but what happens if you enter a bonus round whilst wagering your bonus?

  • Say you had a bonus of  €10, the WR (wagering requirement) would be €350 (x35), you then wager 50% of this bonus bringing your requirement to €175 left to wager and showing as 50% wagered on your active casino bonuses.
  • You then go on to win another €10 on a bonus round, this would add another €350 WR to your initial requirement.
  • On your active casino bonuses, this would appear to reset the percentage wagered to 0% but our system would take into account the €175 you had already wagered.
  • This means your WR would now be showing as €525 left to wager reading as 0% wagered in active casino bonuses as you have already wagered €175 of this.

This whole process is a little bit tricky to wrap your head around and so please contact our support if you would like this explaining further.

Last but not least, we want to add that even though the requirements may appear to be high, it is in line with most online casinos out there and is very possible to convert what you have into real cash. Of course, you can choose not to receive any bonuses at all from GARBO by contacting our support who will pop you on the no bonus plan.

Why are there wagering requirements?

A casino bonus is a gift to our heavenly customers to encourage the fun. Imagine that you deposit €100 and receive a 100% reload bonus on this deposit, giving you a total of €200.

If you were able to just withdrawal this money, it might be nice but it would defeat the point of playing casino in the first place! GARBO is all about fun and entertainment, madness, beauty and spins, the bonus structure allows us to offer extended periods of this kind of joy to our players without going bankrupt!