How do you play bingo online?

Playing bingo online does not differ much from playing traditional bingo. The bingo card looks as it would if you were going to a regular bingo game. A random number generator generates the numbers, which are presented as bingo balls on the screen. You win in the same way you do in classic bingo, usually when you get a full horizontal row, a full vertical row or a full diagonal row.

In bingo online you may often find new acquaintances in the chatroom whilst playing. The idea of the bingo chat is to recreate the social community that the traditional bingo halls offer. When you start a bingo game, you can talk to other bingo players about everything under the sun. You can also visit any bingo room for advice and suggestions from more experienced players and make new friends while playing.

Different types of online bingo and jackpots

90 ball bingo: 90 ball bingo is played with 9 x 3 bingo cards, where prizes are only awarded for horizontal rows, of which there are three. Because only three prizes are at stake, these bingo games are usually completed faster than 75 ball bingo. Of course, there is also room for speed bingo with 90 balls.

80 ball bingo: This is a relatively new type of bingo. What has made 80 ball bingo so popular online is that it is quick to play, and therefore it is perfect for those who want a little excitement but do not have a lot of time.

75 ball bingo: In 75 ball bingo, each bingo card consists of a grid of 25 squares, consisting of 5 rows and 5 columns. The box in the middle is ‘free’ and marked with start. There are five prizes, one for each row. The goal is a full card. In 75 ball bingo, the first row can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical, while the subsequent rows must be horizontal.

30 ball bingo: This is a relatively new type of bingo that you find almost exclusively online. It is a fast game that is easy to learn and demands very little from the player. Most of the game is run automatically and the player can simply buy the bingo card, relax and enjoy the excitement. Even the numbers are marked automatically on your bingo card as they are called out. 30 ball bingo is also called fast bingo or turbo bingo because of how quickly it is played.

Combination bingo: This is simply a variation of 75 ball bingo. Bingo cards are sold in strips of 3, where all 75 numbers are represented on each strip. These games have the biggest prizes and the greatest possible winnings from the progressive jackpot, because the winning share is weighted against the price of the bingo card.

Pattern bingo: The idea of this type of bingo is to mark a pattern, rather than marking one or more rows on the bingo card. The pattern can be anything from coloured numbers and boxes to symmetrical patterns, and it is predefined on the bingo card.

American bingo: This is a type of bingo that was developed in the United States and then spread to Europe. American bingo has many similarities to combination bingo; nevertheless, there are small, but important, differences. When you play American bingo, you have the chance to win even nicer prizes.

Fixed jackpot: This kind of jackpot can always be won, no matter how many times it has already been won. The amounts are fixed and determined by the casinos themselves.

Progressive jackpot: Normally it works like this; every time a player buys a bingo card, part of the price per bingo card goes towards the jackpot. This means that the more bingo cards that are sold, the more the jackpot's value increases.

Winning the jackpot in bingo: To win some of these jackpots, you need to get full house bingo within a certain number of ball calls.

Facts about bingo

There are several different theories of how bingo came into existence. Some say that the game comes from the United States and others believe that it was played in Europe since the 1500’s. One story claims that there once was a toy manufacturer who, during his travels through the United States, discovered a game called Beano. After having observed how the game was played as well as the players' enthusiasm for it, the toy manufacturer supposedly brought the idea back home to New York.

Once back in New York, the toy manufacturer bought beans and made game cards in order to test the game idea on his friends. They were instructed about the rules of the game and told that when they had managed to cover one whole row with beans, they should yell ‘beano’. One of the participants allegedly, in an excited state of mind, cried out something that sounded more like ‘bingo’. It is said that the toy manufacturer liked this new word so much that the game was renamed – and it became known to the world as ‘Bingo’.

In Sweden, Bingo got its major breakthrough at the end of the 20th Century, when the TV program Bingolotto began broadcasting with Leif "Loket" Olsson as the host. On Saturday nights, the Swedish people seated themselves in front of their TVs in order to participate in the game. They hoped to win a new car, a trip around the world, or perhaps a couple of million kronor to put in the bank.