Are you fun, weird and like to be personal?

At GARBO we believe that it is important not to take yourself too seriously. With that being said, we never said that we're not serious about our jobs – because we truly are, who wouldn’t be working here? However, through the work we are developing our business with a sense humour and a lot of crazy ideas.

“The GARBO way” means that everyone has the chance to let their voices be heard. We try to use everyone's experiences, skills, and personal characteristics, this can lead to heated debates but they are the most constructive debates you will ever want to be a part of!

At GARBO, we are constantly educating each other, sharing our knowledge and obtaining new knowledge together as a little pink and fluffy unit of fluffiness. At GARBO, we are working in an environment that we try to fill with positivity, creativity, friendship and a lot of bad jokes, seriously, a lot.

We have divided our office into three sections so there is a place for everyone. In our quiet room, you get your own desk where you can work undisturbed, also perfect for multi-screen content creation. For those who tire of sitting in an office chair, our conference room is available, filled with bean bags galore as well as the jumping beans that you could soon be calling your colleagues. For those who would like to listen to music or want the opportunity to talk to others, the main room is available and is open for all discussions.

Do you have a bad sense of humour and big dreams? Do you appreciate the unusually unique and open dialogues in which to discuss said uniqueness? If yes, we really encourage you to contact us.