• Software: Evolution Gaming
  • Minimum Bet: €2
  • Developed for: Desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Maximum Bet: 2,000€

Live Deutsches Roulette Slot

With Live Deutsches Roulette from Evolution gaming, players can enjoy a superb live gaming atmosphere. The experience comes with a choice of game views, and extra features like Game History, Statistics, Favourite Bets and Live Chat. Full HD video brings you a unique opportunity to play Deutsches Roulette in a top German casino, with a live native speaking dealer.

Evolution Live Roulette offers multiple game options and native speaking dealers. There are dedicated tables and innovative versions of the game that will suit all Roulette lovers. Players can choose from the basic games to many exciting versions like Immersive Roulette, Mini Live Roulette and Live Double Ball Roulette. There is even Dual Play Roulette, bringing together online players and land based players at the same table.

Live Deutsches Roulette Bonus, Free Spins and Jackpot

The basic game of Roulette is very simple and easy to play. A standard American or French wheel has 38 numbers,1 to 36, a single zero, and a double zero. The European version, has 37 numbers, as it does not have a double zero. Numbers on the wheel are out of sequence and alternate from black to red, with the zeroes coloured green.

These numbers are replicated on the Roulette table, with the French layout differing slightly from the others. You can place a bet on a number, a sequence of numbers, or colors using chips. The betting ranges and payouts will vary among the different Live Deutsches Roulette games, so be sure to check the rules before wagering. The dealer will control the play, spin the wheel and pay out any winnings.

How to play Live Deutsches Roulette

  • Choose which variation of Live Deutsches Roulette you wish to play
  • Place your chip bets on numbers, colours, or sequences of numbers
  • Let the Live Dealer control play, spin the wheel and pay out any winnings