• Software: Evolution Gaming
  • Minimum Bet: 5€
  • Developed for: Desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Maximum Bet: 1,000€

Live Blackjack Slot

Live Blackjack is a fun and entertaining table-based game that has become a sensation among virtual gaming sites. The game is set on a semi circular table that is mostly green in color. As the game loads a player must select his seat by clicking on one of the available positions on the table.

Evolution Gaming has accumulated designer reputation over the years. As such, its Live Blackjack creation comes with lively dealers that will keep you coming back for more. With a betting range of 5€ to 1,000€, this game is absolutely ideal for all players. The gameplay basically involves a player set against a lively dealer, with the object of getting the best hand.

Live Blackjack Bonus, Free Spins and Jackpot

The game starts by selecting one or more chips that are located just below the table. Place one of them on your preferred location on the table. The Croupier then deals an equal number of cards to all players including himself. The player has the options of hitting, doubling, Standing or Splitting depending on the number of cards he has.

The bonus comes when a dealer informs you of Split or Double options that are available. These options have an overall effect of increasing your winnings. Also, there is a statistics tool at the top left corner that beautifully displays the dealer’s previous 10 hands, as well as winning percentages to help the player in making the right move.

How to play Live Blackjack

  • Select the chips that are conveniently placed below the table
  • Book your seat by selecting your preferred location on the table
  • Pay attention to the dealer's advise on Split and Double options as they come with best hands