• Software: Evolution Gaming
  • RTP (Return to Player): 89.64%
  • Minimum Bet: 1€
  • Developed for: Desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Maximum Bet: 1,000€

Live Baccarat Slot

Experience gameplay tailored to give you the very best in live casino games by playing Live Baccarat. This game is exciting and fun and closely mimics the thrill of playing in a land based casino. The action is streamed with a multi-camera HD format, bringing that thrilling casino atmosphere to players, wherever they are.

Powered by Evolution Gaming, the game offers you high stakes, high class and the ability to test yourself against the banker. Besides awesome graphics, it has some unique features such as special bets, like Pairs side bets. Extra statistics can be viewed through a wide choice of player options, together with the ability to see your competitors’ moves. Perfect for when you are placing those high stake bets.

Live Baccarat Bonus, Free Spins and Jackpot

With Live Baraccat, the banker and player each receive two cards, face up, and then points are summed up. Number 10 cards and face cards are worth zero points, and the remaining cards are face value. The Ace card is worth one point. If the total is higher than 10, the second digit of the digit equals the value. Whoever has eight or nine points gets a natural win.

In case the banker or player does not get a natural win, a third card is drawn for both the banker and the player. Consequently, unless a player has eight or nine points, the banker automatically wins. If the banker and player hold cards with equal points, then the round ends in a tie. The tie bet then wins, and the bets placed by the player and banker are returned.

How to play Live Baccarat

  • First place your bet which must fall between 1€ and 1,000€
  • Both you and the banker receive two cards whose points are added together
  • Whoever gets 9 points gets a natural win. Otherwise, the round ends in a tie