Our FAQ list covers the most frequently asked questions that you as a player might have. If you don't find the answer to the question you have, you are more than welcome to contact us at customer service by phone, email or through our live chat.

1. I have forgotten my password, how do I recover it?

  • Open the login window. Below the login, you will see the text "Forgot password". Click on "Forgot password" and type your username. You will then receive a text message sent to your phone.
  • In the text message, there will be a replacement code that must be typed in the box appearing on your screen.
  • After writing the code, you will be able to choose a new password.
  • If you do not receive a text message, contact customer support via email and we will help you out. 


2. I can not remember my username?

Your username is the email address you used when opening your account. If you cannot remember the email address you used, contact customer support via email and we will help you out.

3. Am I allowed to have multiple accounts with GARBO?

At GARBO all accounts are individual so you are only allowed one account per person.

4. Is it possible to give personal details of another person when I open an account at GARBO?

No, the accounts at GARBO are personal, so you are not allowed to use someone else's personal details.

5. Is it possible to reopen an account which has been permanently closed?

Accounts which have been permanently closed cannot be reopened; this is according to our gaming license under the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority).

6. Is it possible to reopen an account which has been temporarily closed?

Yes. Send an email to our customer support and we will help you out.

7. Is it possible to reopen an account which has been closed for a set period of time by myself?

If you have closed your own account for a set period of time, the account can not be reopened until the time you set when closing it has passed.

8. How do I change the cell phone number associated with my account?

  •    Click on your profile, then double click on the number you currently have connected to your profile.
  •    Enter your new number in replacement of the old one and click Save.

Psst! It might be a good idea to keep this updated since you need your cell phone number in order to replace your password.

9. How do I change the email address connected to my account?

Contact customer support by email and we will help you change this.

Psst! It might be a good idea to keep this updated since we always contact you by email.

10. How do I change my home address in my account?

  • Log in to your account and click on My Profile
  • Then double click on the address currently connected to your account.
  • Update your address and click on save.

11. How do I cancel my newsletter and text message subscription?

  •    Click the unsubscribe-link in the email or text message, then confirm that you want to cancel your subscription.
  •    Another option is to contact customer support and we will help you.

Psst! Remember that you might miss out on exciting GARBO promotions if you unsubscribe.

12. How do I make a deposit at GARBOs?

  • Click the upper right corner and choose your preferred method of payment.
  • Then choose your deposit amount.

13. Which methods of payment do GARBO offer?

GARBO offers the payment methods below 

  •    Trustly
  •    Neteller
  •    VISA
  •    Mastercard
  •    Paysafe
  •    Skrill.

14. Can I withdraw money or deposit through a payment method that is not in my name?

No, you can only make deposits to your GARBO account using payment methods under your name. The same applies to withdrawals. Remember that your game account is individual. For example, you cannot make deposits to a friend's account.

15. What do I do when the deposit failed, but the money was still deducted from my bank account?

On the Deposit page, you can see how long each deposit will take before showing up in your Unibet account. Most methods are immediate or take 2-3 minutes. However, a bank transfer will take 2-3 days due to banking systems.

If the money has not arrived in your account after the specified time period for your payment method, contact us and we will investigate why.

16. How do I make a withdrawal?

  • Click on your account in the top right corner.
  • Press the button that indicates that you want to make a withdrawal.
  • Then select your amount and click on Make a withdrawal.

17. How long will it take to receive the money when I make a withdrawal?

Withdraw via Trustly: It will take between 1-3 banking days before the withdrawal will show in your banking account.

Withdraw via VISA/ Mastercard: Normally it will take between 1-5 business days before your withdrawal will show in your account.

Withdraw via Skrill or Neteller: Normally it will take between 1-3 business days before your withdrawal will show in your account.

Please note that these periods of time are only standard processing times. With some luck, it can go quicker, but this is not something we can guarantee.

18. My withdrawal is taking a long time, why?

The reason for this may vary, contact our customerservice and we will assist you further.

19. What is IBAN?

When you request a bank transfer / Trustly withdrawal, you will need to fill in your IBAN and your SWIFT / BIC. IBAN is an English abbreviation for "International Bank Account Number" which you need to enter to transfer or receive transactions from abroad. IBAN usually begins with the country code (for example SE for Sweden) and ends with your account number.

20. What is SWIFT?

SWIFT, also called BIC, is the identification code for your specific bank. This is needed to ensure that the money is transferred to the correct bank. You usually find this information on your internet bank account. If it is not there, you can easily get the information by contacting your bank.

21. Why was my withdrawal denied?

It may be due to a few different reasons; usually, the withdrawal amount is less than the minimum allowed amount, which is 30 euro. It may also be that you have an active bonus on your game account that needs to be wagered before withdrawals are feasible.

If the above reasons do not match your error message or problem, please contact our customer support and we will assist you.

22. Why do I have to send my information to GARBO?

All players that have an account at GARBO are asked to verify their accounts. This is to provide a safe environment at the casino, and it is required for our license.

The process of verifying your account is to make sure that you feel safe and secure. It also helps us avoid money laundering and fraud. GARBO can demand an account verification at any time, so please keep an eye in your email box.

23. How do I verify my account?

  •    Upload the required documents by clicking "Upload documents", which you will find on “My pages”.
  •    When your documents are uploaded, we will have a look at them as quickly as possible to verify your account.
  • We will then contact you as soon as your documents have been reviewed.

24. Is it safe to send my information to you?

Yes, of course! Your information will be kept safely, and no unauthorized person will ever be in contact with it. If you send any information that is not needed to verify your account, it will be erased immediately.

25. How long will it take until my account is fully verified?

It can take up to 48 hours to review your documents. We will, of course, try to do our best to verify your account as soon as possible. If we need more data, we will always contact you by email.

26. What do I do if I can not open a game?

This is usually a result of a web browser not being updated or that you are using an older version of browser´s app.

  • Try to update your browser or browser app.
  • Clear all cache and cookies on your web browser. If you need help, just contact customer support.

27. What happens if I win, but my balance is not updated?

Normally the winnings will be added in real time, but if it is not:

  • Wait 2 minutes. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the balance in your account to change.
  • If it is not updated within a few minutes, try to open and close the game.
  • If it has still not been updated, contact us through customer support and we will help you further.

28. Where can I see which offers are available to me?

  • You will find all information about our promotions and offers under the “Promotions” tab, located in the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Another tip is to log in to see if we have sent you any messages.
  • Please double check your email for newsletters from us. If you have not received them, but would like to, contact our customer support and we will help you.

29. What happens when I have won a prize at GARBO?

We goal is that you will receive your prize as soon as possible. We always send it as a priority letter so you can easily see when it arrives.

30. How do bonuses work at GARBO?

At GARBO, we look upon the bonus as a second chance. It simply means that at GARBO you will first gamble your own money before you start gambling with your bonus money.

If you only gamble with money you deposit yourself: If you win, the winnings are yours directly. You can always ask to withdraw them, or alternatively, you can continue trying your luck at the casino. If you choose to make a withdrawal, all eventual bonuses will be lost.

If you gamble with a bonus: When you are gambling with your bonus, there is a wagering requirement that you have to fulfill before you can collect any eventual winnings. Our bonuses have a wagering requirement of 35x if nothing else is mentioned. You can only wager your bonus money on the slot machines. This means that you will have to play your bonus 35 times.

To get more information about our bonuses please read our terms and conditions, or just contact our customer support and they will gladly assist you.

31. Where can I see how much bonus money I have on my account?

  •    Go to Active Bonuses on “My pages”. There you will see how much bonus money you have, plus you will see how much you still have for wagering.
  •    Keep in mind that when you are playing a game, your bonus money will be added to the money you have deposited and it will be a total sum. So, keep an extra eye on Active Bonuses to be up to date with how much bonus money you have on your account.



32. Where can I see how many times my bonus has been wagered?

  • Go to Active Bonuses on “My account”. There you will see how much bonus money you have, plus you will see how much you still have left for wagering.
  • Once you have wagered your bonus, any eventual winnings will become cash.

To get more information about our bonuses please read our terms and conditions. If you feel confused, contact our customer support.

33. I can't find my free spins?

  • Open the game where you should find the free spins, the free spins will not be activated unless you open the chosen game on GARBO.
  • If the free spins have not been added, please contact our customer support and we will check it for you.

34. What is the welcome offer at GARBO?

To read more about our welcome offer, please visit our promotion page which you will find on the top right-hand corner on the homepage! As soon as you have registered as a customer at GARBO, you will be able to choose from 3 different welcome offers.

35. What does wagering mean?

All bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 35x if nothing else is mentioned in the promotion. This means that your bonus must be wagered 35 times before any eventual winnings from the bonus money can be turned into real cash. Wagering means “gambled with”.  

You can only wager your bonus on slot machines and every spin will wager the bonus. If you, for example, bet 0.2 euro per spin you will wager 0.2 euro not matter if you win or lose on your spin.

You can easily see your wagering requirement on your account.

For more information please read our terms and conditions or contact our customer support for further information.

36. How does GARBO's deposit bonus work?

A deposit bonus is simply a bonus you get when you make a deposit.

A deposit bonus can, for example, be that you get 100 % bonus up to 100 euro when you make a deposit. This means that you get 100 euro if you make a deposit of 100 euro to your account. Since 100 % of your 100 euro is 100 euro, you will get 100 euro extra in bonus money.

37. What do free spins mean?

Free spins are simple free rounds on a slot machine. You will receive these either when you play on a slot machine and enter a bonus round, or when GARBO has a promotion and hands out free spins.

If GARBO, for example, gives you 10 free spins on a slot machine you get 10 spins without having to pay a dime! Your possible winnings will be added directly to your account as a bonus sum.

38. Why can't I withdrawal my bonus?

When you play with money you have deposited yourself, you make a withdrawal at any time.

When you play with your bonus money, you have a wagering requirement that has to be fulfilled before any bonus money is turned into cash that you can withdraw. You can, of course, see the status of your wagering process under the section “Active Bonuses”.

39. Where can I see what promotions partake in?

  • You can find all our promotions and offers under the section “Promotions” in the top right-hand corner on the homepage.
  • Another tip is to log in to see if we sent you a notification.
  • Double check your mailbox to see if you have received our newsletter. If you have not, but would like to, contact our customer support and we will help you.

40. How can I trust that all the gaming rounds are randomly generated?

You can be sure of that all the games we provide follow the laws and regulations from our license authorization. If you wish to see the theoretical RTP for a specific game you can find this in the games “help” section.

41. I am not able to open a slot game, why?

  •    If one or more games won't work for you, please double check that you are connected to the internet.
  •    If there is nothing wrong with the connection, it could be a good idea to try to open the game with another web browser, or alternatively clean up your web history.
  •    If you are playing via an app, you might have to update to the latest version.

If it still not working, please contact our customer support and they will have a look at it.

42. I was in the middle of a gaming round and was kicked out of the game, what happens with my ongoing gaming round?

No need to worry!

Try to open the game again to see if your gaming round will start again by itself.


If the game is continuously locked, it can help to clear your cache and cookies - then open the game one more time to see if the round will continue.

Please keep in mind to open the game with the same device.

If your played round is still locked, contact us at the customer support and we will help you. To be able to give quick service, please give us as much information as possible about the round, when it happened, what game you were playing and what your wager was.

43. When I click on a game it loads slowly, why?

If you experience that the games are very slow, the following advice might help:

  • Start by checking that your browser/app is updated to the latest version.  
  • Remove cache and cookies from the browser.
  • Also, check to see that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed.
  • Another thing you can check is if your internet is connected and working properly.

44. How do I clear cache and cookies?

As there are a lot of browsers, the easiest way is to visit the website;

http://www.rensacachen.nu/, where you will see a short command in the text that is marked in green on the site. This short command will take you to the menu where you can remove cache and cookies.

45. What is cache and cookies?

It is a way for the browser to store information about websites that you have previously visited. It makes those previously visited sites faster to load.

The reason for removing the cache and cookies is that it stores old information that the website might not be using anymore, and that can be the cause of the problems you might experience.

46. How does the gaming limits work?

We offer three different kinds of limits:

  •    Deposit limit
  •    Wagering limit   
  •    Loss limit

For more information about the limits we kindly ask you to read about Green gaming.

47. I have accidentally added a limit to my account, how do I remove it?

If you have set a limit, you cannot remove it right away. When you choose to remove a limit, a period of reflection will begin. This time of reflection exists so that no one will make any hasty decisions that they may regret. Read more about this under “Green Gaming”.

48. Why can’t you just remove the limits?

The purpose of the limits is to help people so that they will not make impulsive decisions when they gamble on our site.

49. I feel that I play too much, what can I do?

Contact our customer support and we will help you by closing your account and advise you where to turn to find professional help.

50. At what times is GARBO's customer support open?

Our customer support is open 24/7, 365 days of the year.

51. Is there any specific web browser that you recommend?

Google Chrome is a browser that we recommend. Not because it is optimized for our site, but because it is a browser that gets updated frequently.

52. How old do I have to be to register a gaming account at GARBO?

You have to be 18 years old in order to play at GARBO.

53. Can I play on GARBO using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can. Our casino is optimized for all units.

54. Do you accept players from all around the world?

GARBO would be delighted to be able to grant access to players from all over the world, but unfortunately, we can not. If you can not find your country when you register at GARBO then players from your country are not permitted.

You can also see whether your country is permitted in Terms and Conditions.