What is a jackpot?

In the 80's, casinos made it a point to really push for new players. The idea was to find members in the making, but also to give a splash of inspiration to existing players. And so as the legend dictates, the Jackpot was born!


A jackpot is a slot game where the highest possible win in a game is not determined and it varies depending on which game you play. Some games have a fixed jackpot while others have a so-called “progressive jackpot”.

What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot does not consist of a fixed amount but is constantly increasing by people playing the game, imagine floor after floor added to the sky scraper of winnings that await you. The progressive jackpot increases constantly until someone wins the full amount.

A progressive jackpot can exceed 10,000,000 euros because a certain percentage of each spin every and any player makes in that game is placed in this pot. Progressive jackpots are also often linked between different casinos through a game provider, which means that they often grow very big. Just remember, every jackpot has to have a winner!

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