What is Blackjack?

Blackjack, sometimes also called "21", is one of the world's most popular casino games. The origins of the game are in constant discussion with many different beliefs: Some sources claim that the game was invented in the 17th or 18th century in either Spain or France, while others claim it has its roots all the way back to the Roman Empire - I suppose Caesar had to have some fun before the Ides of March.

How do you play Blackjack?

As a player, you receive 2 cards, the values of which are added together. The picture cards are worth 10 and the aces 1 or 11, while all other cards are at face value. After seeing your added score, you can decide for yourself whether you want to “stick”, which means to only keep the cards you have or to “hit”, which is when a dealer plays you another card to add to your total score.

The player can keep drawing cards until deciding no more are wanted or needed. Then the dealer will show their hidden card and is given the same option to draw cards. The dealer is however bound by a number of rules. For example, they always have to draw cards until the sum equals 17 or higher, after which they have to stop.

You have several possibilities when playing Blackjack, such as doubling your stakes and getting a card back in return. If your first two cards have the same value, you can split them into two new hands. They will then be counted as two completely separate hands.

If the dealers’ upward facing card is an ace, you are offered the option of taking "insurance" before the dealer checks his other card. Insurance is a side bet that the dealer has blackjack.

How do you win at Blackjack?

You can win Blackjack in 3 different ways:

  • By getting 21 on your first 2 cards, which is called blackjack. This has to happen without the dealer getting a blackjack as well.
  • By getting a sum higher than the dealer's, without going above 21.
  • By letting the dealer take extra cards until their hand goes above 21, which will make the dealer "busted".  

The worst hand you can get in this game is 16 followed by 15. The best hand is 21, second best is 20 and surprisingly 11 is the third best.

Blackjack Live

Live blackjack offers you the closest you can get to the feeling of playing the game at a real casino, without actually doing so. In Live Blackjack you play with a real dealer, in real time, but online. It is a perfect option for those who love the game but prefer to enjoy it from the comfort of their own home.  

Play blackjack on your phone

Blackjack in its classic form can be played on your PC, tablet or phone. The game works exactly the same on any device; play a single hand or several at once. It is all down to preference; choose to play on the device which feels the most comfortable for you.

Facts about Blackjack

Blackjack is a game for you as a player, where it is the game itself that is your opponent, and not the dealer - something worth remembering.

As a player, you have a 49 % chance of winning in classic blackjack. This fact makes the game an equal table game. The house always has an advantage, but many claims that players using the right strategies can reduce the house advantage to as low as 0.28 %.

Mathematically calculated the dealer will win 48 of 100 hands and you 44, while 8 hands will end in a draw. This is due to the fact that you play your hand first. Be sure to always keep track of the house rules since they control your advantages; if you have any, and if so what the advantages are.

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