Women who win the World - The Notorious Nathalié

10 Oct 2017

Planning a trip away can be so time consuming, so here at GARBO we have done all of the leg work for you. Our fabulous business co-ordinator has given you, our spectacular audience, an inside look into who she is as a person as well as her dream destinations - did you know we are currently gving away a dream holiday as well? What a coincidence!

Buckle in for your New York inspirations, your Maldivian daydreams and Rio Adventures. Here she gives you the most quirky, cool, luxurious and hands down awesome little gems to get that wanderlust burning.

So, drum rolls please, we are starting this section with the notorious Nathalié and her top three!

New York

The city that never sleeps, a city pretty much all of us in the world has heard of and have most likely dreamt of parading down 5th Avenue Carrie Bradshaw style.

What makes Nathalié’s mouth water?

Beauty and Essex 
This spectacular gem is an absolute must visit for all those girlies who want to see the quirky magical mysteries that New York is synonymous for. You arrive to Hollywood lights above a seemingly normal music and bric a brac store, you think, am I in the right place? Wander through the store to the cashier where they will ask if you have a reservation - this is a must!! You are then shown though an Alice in Wonderland type door to reveal the most luxurious restaurant you could never have known existed, tall ceilings, diamond chandeliers and a fully stocked bar await you. Top food tip - the prawn tempura is like accepting a cloud from the heavens into your mouth!

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Nathalié’s hot shopping spot.

Century 21 
New York is known as the city where anything goes, turn on an episode of Sex in the City and you will see the famed Carrie Bradshaw display this avant-garde, haute couture culture in full force. However, not all of us have the budget of Ms Bradshaw and this is where Century 21 becomes a girls new best friend. It is essentially an outlet store for all of those fabulous and out of reach name tags like Calvin Klein, Chloé, Sonia Rykiel and Ralph Lauren but at prices we ladies can actually afford without having to eat the credit card bill each month!


Where would Nathelié rest her pretty, sleepy head?

CitizenM Hotel 
If you like colour, quirk and an absolute feast for the eyes, as well as a plush cloud to lose yourself in the land of nod, CitizenM is a good a choice for you as it is Nathalié. Their motto is “Luxury does not have to be expensive”- like music to the ears isn’t it? This gem boasts free wifi and movies on demand if pounding the pavement all day has made you want to snuggle up tight. With fabulous food and cocktails available 24/7 you may not even want to leave the eclectic foyer - though we absolutely recommend you do, did we mention it is located in the fabulous Time Square?

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Time for Nathalié to hit the party scene!

We all want to feel special, especially when we are dressed to the nines and in freaking New York City! Here are a couple of hidden gems which can only be found by those in the know.

The Last Word 
You walk through the door and think what the heck am I doing in a hardware store? This is not my idea of glitz and glamour, I’m in my best Manolo Blahnik's for darn sake. Wait for it…you will be ushered through a heavy velvet curtain to a craft cocktail bar that defies expectation. This menu revolving revolutionist is on the very edge of cutting edge, careful or you may get hurt!

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La Milagrosa 
If you have had enough of the price tag of central Manhattan, take a trip to Brooklyn to visit this new and magical secret hot spot. You are looking for a Mexican deli, yes that is right, a Mexican deli. You stumble through the facade to the freezer door leading you through, in a secret garden like reveal, to a fabulous native style bar. Following the Mexican theme, the bars specialities are tequila and mezcal based drinks - for those (like me) who don’t have a clue what mezcal is - it is an agave based drink similar to tequila - think of them as cousins. Feed your tummies, indulge your need for a traditional Mexican snifter and soak in that speakeasy atmosphere.

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Lillie’s Victorian Establishment 
This heavenly establishment is named after Lillie Langtry, a British woman who hit the big time as an actress when moving to the states in 1882. The bar boasts an antique marble bar and furnishings that were carefully shipped from a historic mansion in Ireland to find their new home in NYC. When you have finished enjoying the lively nightlife of Manhattan, head on here for a midnight snack and needed nightcap. Food orders are open till 2a.m and the bar stays open until 4 a.m, winding down your evening in ever such classy style.


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Must do’s in NYC

  • Visit the statue of Liberty of course - wrap up warm as it can get super windy
  • Get yourself to Beauty Bar, this cool little hotspot used to be the salon of choice for the set hair ladies of the 80’s and the bar has kept that theme serving fantabulous martinis, playing the best of 80’s hits and offering manicures for just $10!
  • Breakfast at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, grab a rickshaw for an informative tour around the park on your way to the best eggs Benedict you will ever experience.
  • Painting the town red? Get yourself to Sacs 5th avenue and get your make up done by one of the trained beauty experts, you may need to buy one of the products but do we really need an excuse for another lipstick?
  • Get yourself a proper NY bagel, pretzel, hell any of the amazing street food and have a cute picnic at either The Battery - a fabulous park with harbour views or High Line, a park built into an old elevated rail line with fabulous views of the city.
  • Take loads of photos!!!! NYC is Instagram heaven <3


The Maldives

Possibly one of the most exceptionally stunning locations on this entire planet, this collection of islands is said to be doomed to be flooded within the next 50 years so grab the opportunity and get visiting!

A quick note about the Maldives, to really appreciate the magic of this place you do need a certain amount of money, it can be done on a budget (I have done so, it was hard!) but you will miss out on a lot. They are also an Islamic state, the local islands are under Sharia Law so that means no alcohol and set bikini beaches where you are able to sunbathe away from prying eyes.

Nathalié’s dream hotel

Velaa Private Island 
This hotel has a number of different rooms and villas available and is situated on its own private island known to the locals as Noonu Atoll. The dream has to be to stay in their sunset water villa, this boasts an infinity pool that looks out into the crystal, turquoise abyss that might be heaven on earth. Top that with the fact the villas are Western facing meaning that you can be sipping a lychee daiquiri in the pool watching the sun disappear below that idyllic horizon. Bliss no?

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Over-water bungalows by Lily Beach Maldives 
Ok so Velaa is beyond gorgeous right? But, no trip to the Maldives would be complete without a couple of nights stay in one of the iconic rooms the Maldives boasts - over water bungalows. Embrace your inner water baby and share this moment with someone special. Lily Beach is one of the hottest destinations for 2017 and with the motto “Disturbed by nothing but the backdrop of beauty” you can see why. The prices are not for the faint hearted but the memories will surely last you a lifetime.

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Nathalié the explorer

Diving with Whale Sharks
Possibly the most amazing creature on our plant and certainly one of the biggest. The whale shark is the biggest fish in our oceans boasting a length of up to 12 metres and weighing up to 20 tonnes - I bet you feel better about cheating on your diet now ;) There are many places in the Maldives that can take you to see and dive with these creatures, it is of course a little bit of a gamble to whether you see any but there are options such as a live-aboard, where you can stay on a boat for a couple of nights whilst searching for these beauties, even if you do not find any you are sure to see some amazing sites on your dives.

Ocean-side Yoga
By now I am sure we have all heard the benefits of yoga, the yogis of the world won’t let us forget our inflexibility. However, let’s throw off the pretentious aura that is hanging over yoga at the moment and go back to what yoga is about. You. Yoga is about you, feeling your body, opening up emotional chakras and generally getting back to knowing your body in a calm yet invigorating process. Where better to do this but to the sounds of the magnificent Maldivian ocean - it will render you speechless, or out of breathe if you are like me and have an allergy to any kind of exercise!

Nathalié’s food obsession

- Mas Huni - Mas Huni forever!
A superb blend blend of tuna, fresh coconut, red onion and green chills, sliced into diced perfection and served with the rich and moreish Roshi flat bread. Honestly, this is the breakfast of gods, humble by nature but almighty in flavour.

Must do’s in the Maldives

  • Get yourself a snorkel and get in that ocean. The Maldives have a law that fishermen can only use lines and not nets so to preserve as much of their sea life as possible which is shown in the colourful reefs and tropical fish inhabiting every inch of their oceans.
  • Pop to one of the local islands - make sure to be respectful, you are in a Muslim country. Go to one of the local cafe’s for some traditional Maldivian snacks and treats - cheap and scrumptious.
  • If you are going in the off season, it is nice to make friends with the safari boat men, these boats are the only places tourists can drink once off the hotel owned islands. Make friends and they’ll let you fish off the back of the boat ready for your dinner, you can’t get fresher than that!
  • Visit a sandbank, these are sand drifts in the middle of the ocean, most of them you can stand up on, it is such a surreal experience to be waist deep in water when there is no land to be seen for miles. They make epic snorkelling and diving spots too!
  • Lose yourself, whether in a book, yoga, or just by sunbathing.This is a place meant for quiet contemplation in a stunning setting.

Rio de Janeiro

Who could miss off the capital of carnival from their list of must sees? Nathalié couldn’t! The colour, the music, the food, the culture, pretty much every corner of Brazil has something to offer and below you will find a few gems courtesy of our very special Garbo girl.

Nathalié would rest her head at:

The Villa 
With the hustle and bustle of the city, the noise from vendors, cars, live music, the smells that invade every sense, Rio can become a little overwhelming, especially for the new travellers amongst you. The Villa has you covered, come home after a hectic day to serenity. This gorgeous home away from home is dripping in calm and cool colours. Simple design in a fabulous setting will ease you into a state of pure elation. This fantastic castle of the tropics is overlooking Guanabara Bay and the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Just a stones throw away from the life and soul of Santa Teresa.

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Yum Scrum get in my tum!

Plage Cafe
Feel like an absolute Queen in this rich and spacious abode, historically owned by industrialist Enrique Late and his wife the vocalist, it is but a short drive up from the beauty of the botanical gardens. Head here for fabulous brunch, imagine that, eggs Benedict, a glass of crisp champagne and the backdrop of dense rainforest with Corcovado thrusting into the open sky. The house has been transformed from a family home into an art school and exhibition space boasting the futures creative talents. Nathalié certainly starts her day in style!

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Killing time on a dime…

The flights are booked, the accommodation paid for, with so much to pre-planning it is rather difficult to save up to do absolutely everything you want on a holiday. Here are three suggestions of things you can do in Rio on a tight budget. Even though Nathalié loves a bit of luxury, sometimes her purse does not!

Escadaria Selarón 
"This crazy and unique dream will only end on the day of my death” claims the amazing artist of these 215 steps covered in over 2,000 tiles collected from over 60 countries. Chilean born Jorge Selarón began this timelessly stunning project in 1990 to transform the dilapidated steps outside his front door. It is his tribute to the Brazilian people and does not cost a penny to go and see.

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Ipanema Beach
This beach has long been on the travellers tongue, being named the sexiest beach in the world and hosting the Feira Hippoe de Ipanema, a traditional “hippie" fair set up in 1968 that continues to this day with over 700 stalls full of far flung and wondrous things. Ipanema really hit newspapers in 1979 when Fernando Gabeira was photographed wearing a bright purple thong. A political exile from France for being member of the leftist urban guerrilla group MR8 which kidnapped American ambassador, Charles Burke Elbrick in 1969 and demanded the release of 15 political prisoners for his safe return. Fernando gave an interview to the LBGT papers of the day but never confirmed nor denied the rumours of his homosexuality. It is now home to students, artists, and the liberal amongst us. Definitely worth a visit!

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Cafeitaria Colombo 
Ok, so you will need your purse for this one but the transaction will not bring you to tears do not fret! You are killing two cultural stones in one with this amazing confectioners, this fabulous patisserie was founded in 1894 making it one of the oldest running establishments in Rio. The interior is quite art nouveau with huge Antwerp Crystal mirrors, their frames carved intricately from rose wood, the artist Antonio Borsoi was also responsible for the furniture within. Stained glass windows cast rainbows around this luxurious setting and their opulent interior is mirrored in their fabulous pastry delights.

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Must do’s in Rio

  • It’s one of the new seven wonders of the world alongside the Great Wall of China and Machu Pichu so do not dismiss Christ the Redeemer - plus you get a sensational view of Rio in the cable car!
  • Tantalise every sense with a Caipirinha atop Sugar Loaf mountain, watching the sun lazily set behind Christ the Redeemer - not too shabby right!
  • Explore the shanty towns, these are like colourful pools of artistic paradise, known as Favelas they are still pretty dangerous so don’t go wandering alone or at night.
  • Stun your eyes into submission with a two and a half hour tricky hike up Pedra de Gávea, this rocky mountain gives the most sensational views of Rio you could ever experience.
  • Grab yourself a late night snack after all those cocktails at Cervantes - “The best sandwiches in Rio since 1959” - well you can’t argue with that, that and over 170 recommendations from locals!


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