What would you do if you won 5 million euro?

14 Oct 2017

Are you dreaming about something totally insane? At GARBO, we definitely have big dreams, but we also think that it is exciting to hear about YOUR dreams. We, therefore, asked six Swedish women what they would do if they won €5 million.

Annika 26 years

” I would use the money to invest in a big apartment in Stockholm, but also to invest in an apartment in a warm country somewhere in Europe. Also, I would take the chance to do something a little riskier, like starting my own business in the fashion industry. The same week I won all the millions I would treat the whole family with a two-week long cruise in the Caribbean. Additionally, I would invest in a charity and start my own charity arrangement. "

Carina, 64 years

” I would stop working right away. Then I would give my children what they wanted and then I would take my husband and go traveling with him. I would visit friends all around the globe and for instance, go to Australia and Los Angeles. "

Anna, 22 years

” If I won €5 million I would move back to Sweden and build my own house. I would also spend the money on opening a fitness center where I would offer an incredible personal and professional service. It would be a gym where all members have their own coach and they would have access to medical massage and advice regarding health and diet. Then I would give a large amount of money to cancer research and help my mother with her difficult financial situation. I would administer the money well. "

Lisa, 20 years

” I would invest in my own company so I could make an even bigger profit with my winnings! Then I would probably spend money on clothes, make-up and a lot of unnecessary things as well. I would try to save some money for the future too. "

Jenny, 27 years

"If I won €5 million I would invest in old apartments, renovate them and then sell them. Besides that, I would buy really nice camera equipment and travel around the world. For each new country, I would invite a friend or relative to join me."

Lina, 35 years

” I would buy myself my dream apartment in Stockholm and a smaller apartment somewhere abroad. Then I would travel to my dream destinations, work less and enjoy my hobbies. I would also donate to charity and contribute to different heart issues. "


Do you agree with these lovely ladies? 

What would YOU do!?