Posts that Piss People Off - I'm Cheryl. Fly me. The Cat Calls Continue...

3 Nov 2017

Let's do a throwback, seeing as it is Thursday, to 2008, Ryanair's CEO, Michael O'Leary stands proudly, addressing the press conference with his brilliant and innovative idea. The future of aviation - a long-haul flight option that came with "beds and blow jobs". I know what you're thinking, extraordinary idea isn't it.

Ryanair never gives up though, this company just keeps on showing the public exactly what they believe in, they leave you in shock and awe. Shocked women everywhere and perverts completely in awe.

Luckily for Michael, it seems that this time it is the company's chairman, David Bonderman who opened his mouth and turned off all the filters. At an Uber board meeting (10:2 on female members - we are the 2) aimed at combatting sexism in the industry as I am sure you will agree Uber has gone a bit Uber creepy. Bonderman himself made an incredibly sexist remark which has now led him to resign from Uber as the company is completely above that. So how is that resignation from Ryanair going? Oh, you ran out of ink, oh well that's OK, I guess.

It seems that no comment is too chauvinistic for this company, seriously, what would it take to get one of these men fired? I mean up until 2015 all a woman had to do to be fired from Qatar Airlines was to get married or fall pregnant. But don't hate on Qatar just yet, they are moving in the right direction after all, I mean it's 2017 and their CEO has only gone and offended every female flight attendant in the American airline industry, so what, that's only over 300,000 women doing their job. The CEO boasted to his audience that the average age of his female staff was a spritely 26, where as, "you know you're always being served by grandmothers on American airlines".

Well, with all this female empowerment being spewed out, I am certainly glad I am British and can count on British Airlines to represent its country in kind. Last year they had a big celebration, didn't you hear? The female employees won a 2 year battle with the company to be able to be allowed to wear trousers as part of their uniform. Yay! BA was also not happy when it was revealed that they had introduced trousers to the uniform in 2004 but with the sex amped brands on the rise felt it was their duty, for the safety of the company to ban all trousers 10 years after they were first introduced, what a birthday!

BA actually are the winners in this game of losers as many other companies, such as Virgin even discourage if not ban their female employees from wearing trousers. Virgin fights back though, their spokesperson boasted that "trousers can be provided with requests reviewed on a case by case basis" - I am sorry Olivia you are too short for trousers, you will look like a square and I will be damned if a square is serving me my tiny vodka.

- Virgin employees have stated that the new uniforms designed in 2014 by Vivienne Westwood are very uncomfortable, the collars are said to scratch until blood is drawn and the heels cause blistering.

Why are these companies so down in the pants? Let's take a closer look:

But wait, this is just too close a call to make a proper decision right? The Guardian thought so and so held a poll in 2015 asking whether not allowing women to wear trousers is sexist?

The results are in…

So we have facts, we have a rising feminist movement and we have a form of social justice - we thank the social media active for this. But even knowing all we know and the world changing how it is, this industry seems to be stuck in the 70's. It isolates itself from all attacks and always has an answer, no one is held accountable and the workers have to fight for 2 years simply for the right to wear freaking trousers again!

- Japan's Skymark Airline have been criticised for their mini-dresses, let me just bend over and help you sir...

So, my lovely audience, are you as riled up as me right now? I can tell you the jugular is pretty engorged and I have a manic look in my eye from a woman who has raided the brownies she made for her brothers birthday at 4.a.m after watching The Notebook on repeat.

What are your thoughts? Will this industry ever change? Do we have to take more control as the public and shout to be heard? Do you even think there is a problem or that employees know what they are signing up for?

Let me hear your voices! Let the games begin…