Dare to bet on your dream - Find inspiration here

2 Jun 2017

Dare to bet on your dream - Find inspiration here

Study in Paris, become a diving instructor in Thailand or open your own flower shop, we all dream about different things. Daydreaming can truly satisfy your everyday life. What will satisfy you, even more, is to actually fulfill your dreams or at least try.

Many of us do follow our dream but a lot of people have a hard time believing in their dreams. If you want to be inspired to take the step, to chase your dream, there are many stories to read about. One of them stories is about Jonna Jinton who took matters into her own hands and followed her dream. We think her story can inspire you to get the courage to take your first step towards your own dream.

Jonna grew up in Stenungssund, but in her teens, she moved together with her whole family to the big city of Gothenburg. There she lived an ordinary life with work and studies but immediately felt that she was not happy with how life panned out. The dream of living in a completely different place began to take shape.

This place was more specifically Grundtjärn, a small town located in the forest about ten miles outside of Örnsköldsvik. This was her mother's birthplace and Jonna felt a lot of warm feelings for the place. After a four week long vacation in Grundtjärn she, on a nightly walk in the meadow, decided that it was here she wanted to live.

She soon went back to Grundtjärn again and when Jonna got out of the car she just shouted straight out of joy. Even though Jonna didn’t know the best way chop wood or how she would solve it financially, the dream would overcome all fear. Everyday life in Grundtjärn was not always as dreamy as expected, but in time, Jonna sorted everything she needed to live the life she wanted there.

Today she runs her own business, has a blog, paints, and lectures and also has a webshop. Jonna has said that the biggest difference living there is in the quality of life she feels she has now. That nature, the forest, the fresh air and the silence is what inspires her to be so creative. She has said that she feels she is more harmonious here than in living in the city, that she can truly be herself in Grundtjärn. Jonna also tells that she have never regretted the total change of lifestyle.

Jonna has received a lot of media attention on numerous occasions and her blog has many regular followers. Her ability to inspire others and spread joy is clear both on her website and on her Facebook page. Jonna is a brilliant example of how the realization of one's own dream can not only create joy for one's self but also how it can inspire so many others.