A group of Swedish women celebrates in whiskey after becoming millionaires

31 May 2017

A group of Swedish women celebrates in whiskey after becoming millionaires

We all have our own specific interests, what we like and enjoy doing them together with our friends. These women from Vikmanshyttan in Sweden like to travel together. They also like to play the lottery, in fact, they have played the exactly the same lottery line for the last two years. We would like to tell you about this lovely group of friends consists of 11 great ladies. Gerd and her 3 sisters are a part of this group and all the girls have known each other for many years.

One day, Gerd received a phone call from her sister in which her sister told her that they and their friends had won on the lottery. Gerd at that moment was sitting at Vikmanshyttan's pub with some friends. Her sister announced that they had won and that someone had to go get the coupon and get it corrected. Gerd who did not really believe that this was correct was not in a hurry.

When she eventually went with a neighbor, to picked up the coupon and submitted it, what her sister had told her turned out to be true. The girls had won over 10 000 000€. It was also the fifth biggest win ever in Swedish history.

Gerd and some of the other friends gathered after the win to celebrate with some wine and whiskey. They all met at Gerd’s house to plan the future. Gerd herself was positive that the money would change all their lives, she describes the group of friends as regular blue collar workers, and many of them as retirees.

After the lottery win, these 11 ladies will be able to spend the rest of their life basically doing whatever they wish. This winning was almost impossible to comprehend, they speak to each other to help each other planning the future. Gerd describes it as now as being able to do what they want, she said that the roughly 20 years they have left to live, they can live however they want to. Her plan is to give the children a bit and then pay off some loans and spend the rest.