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Hello our gorgeous, glamorous, amazingly stunning and sensational unicorns!

This page is all about you, our audience, this is YOUR community, my darlings. 

This page is still in its baby phase but believe me we are going to make this the most informative and interesting little hub you could ever encounter. 

This will be your ultimate "How to" guide on reaching your dreams, whatever they may be!

We conducted a very cool survey of a thousand women just like you and it seems most of these lovely ladies dream about travelling in some form. 

So, for the next few months we are going to give you every possible piece of information your could need on where to travel, where is safe to go solo, why people dream about travel, the different types of travel out there. As well as have interviews with some of the biggest names in the travel blogging sphere. 

Our posts will be categorised for your very special convenience:

Women who Win the World

All about female travel, interviews with female travel bloggers, inspiring stories of female travellers and ex-pats.

Travel Proud

This is where we look into travel for the LGBT community, what is it like being a proud traveller, do you have to make special considerations, are there places you shouldn't visit? How to stay safe whilst being yourself. 

Serious Stuff

This is where we move away from travel and look at important aspects that are happening in the word right now, this will focus on women's and LGBT rights, comments on campaigns such as "Me Too" and any other topic that we hope will make you really think.

Posts that Piss People Off

So, by now, we hope you get the feel of what GARBO is about - you. We want to create dialogs whilst also informing and intriguing.  Every other Thursday (we hope!) we will post a controversial topic that you may not be aware of. If you hate, it tell us, if you love it, tell us - we just want to hear from you!

What a Wonderful World

Travel. From the best places to visit in 2018, to why you should head to the Nordics this winter. Skiing on a budget to the best cities to splurge in. 

The Future of GARBO

This is what we believe makes GARBO different from every other beige casino out there and we are going to be working our pretty, little bottoms off to get this space as user friendly and informative as possible over the coming months. 

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as we are always throwing competitions and updating these pages about the new articles we have live. 

Currently you may see some content in other languages but rest assured, we are woking on getting everything in tip top condition for our unicorns. 


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Posts that Piss People Off - I'm Cheryl. Fly me. The Cat Calls Continue...

3 Nov 2017

We have a rising feminist movement and we have a form of social justice - we thank the social media active for this. But even knowing all we know and the world changing how it is, the aviation industry seems to be stuck in the 70's. It isolates itself from all attacks and always has an answer, no one is held accountable and the workers have to fight for 2 years simply for the right to wear freaking trousers!

It seems nothing can stop the feminist nightmare that is the aviation industry, are you as pissed off as us?

Eight reasons why you NEED to follow your dreams

29 Oct 2017

Why do we dream? That is the big question!

No matter the reason, no matter the dream, we are GARBO believe is is absolutely top priority to go steaming after your hopes and wishes.

We have created a solid and super inspirational post full of famous quotes that cement our 8 reasons why you NEED to follow your dreams! 

What do you dream about?

Me Too. Yay or Nay?

23 Oct 2017

GARBO just got serious.

The "Me Too" viral campaign is focused on bringing together women who have experienced sexual abuse or harassment but, has it missed its mark? We will look at both sides of this campaign as honestly as possible in order to find out if this initiative is bringing women together or dragging them down.

Women who win the World - Tropical Tania

17 Oct 2017

Come join us for our second instalment of the GARBO girlies top destinations! Today we have our SEO goddess Tania and her take on the best beaches in Tahiti, the most fabulous bars in Hawaii and the most extraordinary trips to take in Fiji. She doesn't stop there though, click through for all of her insiders tips ;)

Remember unicorns, we have a rocking promotion running right now to win your ultimate dream holiday - take some tropical inspiration from our tremendously terrific Tania.

What would you do if you won 5 million euro?

14 Oct 2017

Do you dream of something crazy? 

Do you dream of having enough money that any of those dreams are possible?

At Garbo we have our head in the clouds and are always dreaming about something but, this is not about us, this is about YOU!

We ask six women what they would do if they won €5 million! 

What would you do?

Women who win the World - The Notorious Nathalié

10 Oct 2017

Hello to all our beautiful, majestic unicorns out there. We are kicking off this fantabulous travel chapter we are calling “Women who win the world” with a little bit about our GARBO team and their dream destinations, including my own :)

I hope this will help to inspire your travel plans - especially with our saucy dream travel giveaway we currently have going on. Plus you get to know a bit more about the babes that make up GARBO.

We tell you our dream hotels, eateries, sights and many more cool insider tips that only come from pure passion!

So, drum rolls please, we are starting this section with the notorious Nathalié and her amazing advice for hitting up New York, the Maldives and Rio de Janeiro!

28 Jul 2017

14 Jul 2017

14 Jul 2017