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The cutest online casino out there 😉 Sometimes you meet that special person, find your perfect retailer or check in at that hotel and everything just feels right. You become best friends, a loyal customer to the end or fall into dream filled wonder-palace as soon as your head hits the pillow. That’s how we want you to feel when you visit the GARBO casino. To really understand what you, our beautiful audience are looking for we believe that we really need to get to know you.

We think that you want a crazy, fun and exciting adventure in our casino, a casino where big dreams fit right in, where the impossible becomes possible whilst giving you the safety and security you deserve.

At GARBO, you can play online at the most fantabulous casino in the world. We offer a wide selection of games from some of the best game developers in the world.

Come on, you know you want to be a GARBO Girl! Look at that friggin' unicorn!


Play casino online and much more

Except playing your favorite games at Garbo, there is much more to explore.

  • You can read about people who have followed their dreams.
  • Read our studies about women and what they dream about.
  • Win AWESOME and FUN prices such as beautiful handbags.
  • Get nice casino bonus when you are registering.
  • And OF COURSE, you will be able to play a lot of casino online.

We want to do EVERYTHING we can to become the best female casino out there. We want this to be a community and your ultimate handbook for reaching your dream, whatever that may be!

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At Garbo casino your dreams can come true!

GARBO is a place for dreamers and believers. Together we will create a unique and special community full of entertainment and inspiration. We want this casino to be a place where we lift each others spirit and share stories about your dreams and glorious girly conquests.

You will find all your favorite games here and be able to win amazing prizes like designer handbags, a trip to heavenly places worldwide and yummy mummy day treats to name only a few. There will be lots of fun at GARBO, that’s for sure.

Casino online and responsible gaming

GARBO casino considers itself as a safe haven in the realms of online gambling. When you play here you will feel assured that our top priority is your safety and wellbeing. We constantly work with the concept Green Gaming and take responsible gaming very seriously, striving to be the best.

Do you feel that gambling is no longer fun and may have become an issue, or know anyone around you where this is the case? Playing casino should only ever be entertaining, we urge anyone who feels they are no longer gambling for entertainment to reach out for help and encourage anyone around them feeling this way to reach out also. Please check out our responsible gaming page for more information on who to contact and how we can help you play safer.